Sabina the Giraffe

Sabina the Giraffe

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Language: Italian-English
Category: Bilingual books
Genre: Fiction for childrens

Every day Sabina plays joyfully with the other giraffes in the herd until one day her spots suddenly begin to disappear! She now looks different and now the other giraffes refuse to consider her one of them and tell her to leave the herd. So she does with a heart broken into a million pieces, however, soon she realizes her friends are in danger and finds a way to save them. In the end all the giraffes apologize to Sabina. Judging her so superficially was wrong for however much she might have changed her looks, she always were their friend Sabina!

Author: Diana Signorelli
Pages: 44
Format: 23×23
ISBN: 978-88-95595-32-0

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