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Language: Italian
Category: Self help
Genre: Personal and professional growth

Every person possesses the necessary resources to overcome difficulties in a timely manner, attract favourable situations and avoid creating (or recreating) complicated situations. To do this we need three prerequisites: getting to know better the world around us and within us, the ability to think of and put into practice effective strategies, and last but not least the ability to live a simple life and see the obvious without taking anything for granted.
With all the due respect for all the other coaching schools of which I like to assume a good degree of rectitude and intellectual honesty, please know that I will never ask you to scream how awesome, good-looking, or strong you are. I will not suggest you should walk on hot coals. I will not ask you to jump and dance on tables or on a stage.
I will only ask you to find out who you are, what you can do, and remind you that all you really need is right under your nose.

Author: Paolo Borzacchiello
Pages: 294
Format: 15×21
ISBN: 978-88-95595-33-1


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