A new beginning

A new beginning

APRIL 2020

The first article of this Blog feels like a new beginning in more ways than one. This is indeed a professional endeavor that is in fact very personal. As you keep reading this blog, you will understand more. Those who choose to read might see themselves in what we post and they will hopefully find it useful, or amusing, or both!

Part of this new beginning will take place in the United States, in the state of Michigan, and in the city of Ann Arbor where I graduated in psychology in 1997. This is where a whole world literally opened up for me and I could finally answer many questions cluttering my mind about a past that looked pretty much delirious. My education in psychology allowed me to see things from a different perspective, and mostly I began to understand where I truly came from.

Books have always played a significant role in my life. Within a world that since early on I perceived as mostly hostile and unloving, long before I learned how to read, illustrated books became an evasion into a world where I could imagine anything.

During my school years, the first book that made a huge impact on me was ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupérie. The famous phrase ‘it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye” hit me like a lightning straight to the core of my soul and there it stayed as my anchor to hang on to. The Little Prince will forever be one of my favorite reads. There were many great books that followed and each and every one of them has left me profoundly changed, it was as if each read gave me back parts of me that had gone lost. Books still accompany me along my personal journey.

The way I felt growing up turned into the desire, as an adult, to create a new generation of schools with a new educational paradigm both scientific and holistic to honor and nourish each child’s uniqueness.

It is only when we have the opportunity to understand who we are and to express that uniqueness that our innate talents can become our greatest assets for ourselves and society as well.

This project did not last very long due to the several educational funds cuts that the Italian state underwent. I then decided to use books as tools to spread messages for people of all ages and walks of life to help them find their place in the World.

Doing this gives me great joy.

Becoming more and more who I am and sharing my joy with people that ‘get me’ lights me up! I love to watch people get inspired by my enthusiasm to follow their dreams and aspirations and I hope with all my heart to infect as many people as possible causing a global epidemic.

In support to this ambitious desire, our new website has an online shop where you can buy directly from us not only our publications but also an array of gadgets designed to enrich your reading experience making the experience of growing together special. For the first time since I started being a publisher, I am not alone. Although I always spoke in the plural form to make it sound like a team, it was really just me. Not being alone anymore is the most significant novelty!

I did not have an easy life, like so many of us here, however, for a woman things do get a bit more complicated, at times. I started up being a publisher many years ago when I was already the mother of two of my three children. I began with a lot of enthusiasm and the determination to work hard, and I did. I could always stay afloat. However, soon I realized that staying afloat is not exactly ideal for a business, and I also realized I simply could not do miracles by myself, or so I thought.

I found out, I could do miracles – the small kind at least, though size and importance are quite a personal matter.

For years I tried to team up with other people but I could never find anyone that would choose to invest in me and my business, but I was never able to find the right people. After all, how could I find someone to believe in me when I did not believe that much in myself either? I therefore realized I needed to work on myself more, and for a while longer on my self-esteem (barely beginning to show) and on my self-worth (dressed with torn out garments) to build a much stronger foundation.

The work you do on yourself is the most important start-up project anyone can possibly undertake. Without this kind of work, it is very difficult to create what you want.

I came to a place where I finally got rid of all that was superfluous and only retained what was essential, putting me and my children as priorities.

Then, about six months later, Frank, a Chinese American family friend with quite an extensive experience in business and start-ups, asked me if he could visit us from the nearby Spain. When he arrived at our place, we started talking and I gave him an update on my life, nothing interesting except for a collection of struggles and heartbreaks, but hey, he asked for it! After a couple more visits, Frank decides to help me and he begins to gradually invest in me and my project. Can you believe it? He decided to invest in a middle aged, single, divorced mother of three boys!

Only an American could do such a thing, only someone coming from a country where mostly everyone believes than anything is possible as long as one believes…and I also believe he saw in me the kind of person that would create such an opportunity with the power of resilience.

Something within me did not allow me to ever give up. Rebel, that’s how everyone used to call me. Thanks to my free spirit, adversities could never hold me captive, I just couldn’t allow it even when I was really tired of holding on and hanging in there. My world did not love me so the only plausible way to react was to create my own and move to my new planet!

So there it is, my little, yet quite huge, miracle!

Although Frank is a family friend, he gave me the best compliment I have ever received in my entire professional career. He once said, “you are like a daughter to me but I would not have invested a cent in your project if I did not like it”.

A few months later, we registered the American logo and soon we will start operations. Only a few weeks before my departure for the US with two of my three children, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I am still working hard, still juggling a thousand things but pushing through. My children deserve a mother that can stand on her feet so that someday they may fall in love with a woman of substance and character and not feel intimidated. In a world full of males, I chose to raise men.

The example we give our children is worth more than any word spoken and left to collect dust.

No matter how tough life can get, even the greatest challenges can become powerful opportunities that force us to develop our best talents in the face of the struggle to push through them. We will not be among those who tell you it’s easy, because it is not. We will be the ones to tell you it is possible, we will remind you that you can do anything if you so choose, and that your biggest fears can become the kind of strength no one could possibly take away from you.

Because of my struggles and challenges, I am today the woman I always wanted to be. I love this crazy life full of surprises and when I think of the challenges that brought me here, I do so with great respect and no sense of provocation for what I had to go through I do not welcome again in my life.

I hope with all my heart that some day I may give Frank the joy that he is giving me with this opportunity. There is still a lot to do, yet not one day goes by without thanking God for my business partner. I am not alone any more and life gets brighter every day more. And then I think of that beautiful statement from the movie “Into the wild”,

Happiness is only real when shared.

Very inspiring story!  Thank you for sharing.

Denise Holguin


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